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Westminster CA U.S. Occupied Four Dimensional UFO Sighting in bedroom

Westminster CA U.S. UFO Sighting in my room see report

UFO Sighting occurred on Jan 1st 1980: I was awoken from sleep and saw a ufo slowly floating just beneath the ceiling, alongside the wall. It looked like it was made of etheric yet brilliant transparent white light, and this UFO was very complex in structure. It reminded me of an upside down chandelier the size of a football, and it was undulating fluidly and gracefully in four dimensions (at least), all the while maintaining a very formidable material and architectural integrity. In other words, this UFO danced organically with a structural logic that was incredibly complex. Though I had no background in geometry nor interest in multi-dimensionality at the time, I understood then that what I was seeing existed in four or more dimensions. 

I was scared and turned on my bedroom lights, thinking this UFO would go away like a bad dream. It didn't. It still emitted the same light and moved alongside the wall at the same pace. Somehow I knew without thinking that its size appearance was small and big at the same time. It looked small. I also knew that it was also big as a football field, or maybe even a city block. And inside this UFO it was occupied by beings who were observing me as well, like a tour bus. They were intelligent and seemed clinically dispassionate. They might have been forty or a hundred beings aboard this light vehicle. I actually didn't see who was occupying the UFO. I sensed them in a knowing way, like telepathy or exact and precise intuition. 

Though I was frightened by what seemed like their cold objectivity, I didn't feel threatened. If I recall, this visit was accompanied by a high pitched hum, almost beyond normal everyday human hearing. After I turned the bedroom light on and watched it continue its slow path, I think I ducked under the covers as it came close to the corner of my bedroom. I think I was still a child or preteen when this happened. I thought about running to my parents room, but that would mean nearly going under them, and I was too scared and transfixed to do that. 

The UFO Sighting encounter was one of the most beautiful (and perhaps spiritual) things I've ever seen in my life. Unfortunately I can't draw it. It was too complex and beautiful, and I still haven't seen anything like it. Maybe it's more like a mathematical formula or quantum equation or cosmic symphony instrument. 

I recently watched the restored anniversary version of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and I felt like crying. Because I was reminded that space, even here on Earth, is probably densely inhabited by many unseen beings and things. We're just too arrogant most of the time to acknowledge that we are just part of a whole. mufon cms# 86563 

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