Weird Bright Spiked UFO Sighting San Francisco CA

I was out running in San Francisco, CA doing some errands and was walking towards a local supermarket to get some food and then head home. As I was walking down this street, I saw in the corner of my eye and up in the sky, what seemed to be quite a large or circle. It was way larger than a star and at 1st, I thought of the possibility of it being the planet Venus, since it does come close to our planet around this time and is visible, however out of curiosity I decided to sit there and observe it and the 1st odd thing I noticed was how it had some sort of glowing iridescence from its upper right side. As I kept watching, I noticed these weird "spikes" came out of this UFO and they would pop in out of it. The color of these spikes was like light colored except for some spikes that were yellowish. I saw a passenger plane fly underneath it, although in reference, it was obvious that this UFO Sighting was at a much higher altitude. I pulled out my phone-camera and held it in my hands so that it be completely still and as I was doing this, from my eyesight (which is 20/20), this UFO seemed stationary, yet when applied the infinite zoom on my phone, this UFO came on my screen and was whizzing around in circles it was very odd. I was right at the grocery store and went and finished my shopping and when I came out the grocery store UFO Sighting was still there but had moved a little to the northwest. I dropped off my groceries and tried to relax from a weird excitement I felt and decided to go back out see if I could spot it again. I went up a couple blocks and looked up and at 1st I saw a constellation of stars and then to the left of those stars I saw this UFO Sighting again with those weird spikes and you could see how much bigger it looked in reference to the stars nearby, except this time, it was mobile and was circling in weave type patterns. Weird Bright Spiked UFO Sighting San Francisco CA reported 2/11/20 NUFORC

UFO Flying Saucer over trees

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