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Watching Firework 7-4-17 UFO Sighting appears bright orange and yellow Annapolis MD

UFO Sighting Silver Orb Annapolis MD 7-4-17

About 20 guests were looking north towards fireworks in the distance over the Gibson Island Magothy River Arnold Md. Once the fireworks display ended a UFO appears in the sky on our right coming from the east perhaps SSE, in a straight line pattern heading NNW and passed over our heads moving relatively fast. ( we were all on the south shore of the Magothy River We noticed this UFO because it was a circle /orb/ball and the color was yellow orange. From our perspective it could have been the larger than a golf ball and smaller than a basketball. This was not a plane The UFO Sighting seemingly escalated up into the sky and disappeared into the clouds. The object was no where near where any fireworks were being shot off. Then about 5 minutes later two additional circle UFOs of the same size and color appeared in the same location and traveled the same path, same speed from east SSE to NNW. one behind the other. They also escalated up into the sky and disappeared into the clouds. We are in a rural area with no city lights to effect the night sky and usually can see the stars quite clearly. We all thought we might have heard a slight noise but not sure. The evening had heavy clouds as we had an earlier rain shower and was quite humid. How we felt everyone starting joking about what they were and what we saw no one knew. Thought it was quite weird. We live on the water so we are always looking up into the night sky. Often see planes but this was not any plane. Never seen anything like this before. mufon cms# 84867 

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