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Very Large White Blimp Shaped UFO Sighting Reported MI U.S.6/6/16

Event taped while we were in home celebrating three birthdays of family members. The location was 1 mile from Texas Corners, MI in the country. 

I didn't study video for three days or so and then found it contained the object which was above the clouds and depending on altitude could be the largest UFO ever reported. This happened nearly a year ago and I would have reported it earlier except I kept trying to explain this away as a satellite, reflection, or some other object other than a UFO. I finally settled for it being a SWARM Satellite made by the European Space Agency because of its size, shape and altitude. The Swarm Satellite I believe is around 13 feet in height and with is used to measure and perhaps repair the Earth's magnetic lines of force. If this is a SWARM satellite I would have to consider whether my vehicle's windshield could have caused it to be magnified immensely and yet stranger things have happened. The only problem is its size above all the clouds it could be as huge as the city of Kalamazoo or larger, or smaller, depending on its actual altitude. Also being present in the video for 54 minutes + and descending slowly and then ascending later in an area where civilian passenger planes are frequently seen. It seemed unlikely that my camera would be the only object or entity to see this huge UFO in the sky. 

The UFO object appears to be a triangle at first when high in the sky, but as it descends to its lowest altitude it changes shape and definitely looks like a cone, a sharp pointed rounded UFO object of enormous size and even at its lowest altitude is still high above the clouds which pass between it and earth. The object moved less than an inch on my flat screen horizontally during the whole video. Vertically it moved very little during the whole episode. The UFO object slowly ascended out of sight on the video. It never appears to move quickly, or erratically. I am 76 years old and I take this very seriously. I also study the effects of the sun on earth during solar max and now what may be known as Solar Minimum. I am of clear mind and have worked most of my life in the field of electronics on Aeronautical and Missile Navigation systems, qualification and evaluation testing for Westinghouse Electric for equipment used for Nuclear Reactors, as well as commercial purposes. Finally I worked as a manager for McDonnell Douglas Helicopter simulators maintenance crews for the Apache Helicopter.UFO Video not attached. MUFON CMS# 76841 

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