Very Large UFO Craft Sighting by 5 Individuals Florida

Silver Disk Shaped UFO Craft

On August 25, 2012, I saw my own huge UFO craft hovering less than 50 feet away from me and I have been thinking about this experience EVERY DAY since I saw it. The most important item to retain in this quick summary is that I specifically called this object-- it did not just mysteriously appear. I now believe that it was the reverse-- that the occupants of this UFO programmed me to act this way.

After my wife and I saw the UFO craft and Plasma Cylinder inside our house on March 4, 2012, I started to seriously begin my research on UFOs and paranormal issues. I purchased and read many books from Amazon on numerous diverse topics and spent all my free time on the internet. I learned that many individuals call UFOs and then record videos of these objects.

My wife arrived from Mexico on August 17th. Because I became a fanatic on UFOs, always on the computer or reading UFO books, my wife did not tell me of her adventures when she returned from Mexico with our daughter. Several days later, on a very cloudy night, several days before a tropical storm, at about 9 PM, a friend of mine called me and informed me that he was coming by and dropping off some of his traffic tickets. I am an attorney and I a lot of pro-bono work for friends and family. I had previously told him that I will prepare a No Contest Motion and consolidate all of his traffic cases. He said he was close by and would be at my home in minutes. I decided to wait for him outside.

I live in a block with a large cul-de-sac which has only 4 houses. My neighborhood has large yards and is very quiet. It was dark and very cloudy-- no stars were visible in the sky. I then decided to “play a game”. The day before I had seen a video of a man named Prophet Yahweh who had “called down” a tiny UFO craft in the daylight. I was outside at night exactly where my wife had seen the huge UFO craft a few months ago. I said “the hell with it, let me try to experiment and to try to call down a UFO craft.” It was more like a joke, like an experiment, and I never really believed that the craft would appear. In my head, with conscious thought, I then tried to call down the large multi-colored UFO craft my wife saw on July 8th to appear in front of me just like it did for her. Approximately every 2-3 minutes I turned around 360 degrees to see if I saw anything. I did this for about 15 minutes. I then said to myself the following: “I am fucking loosing it, I am going nuts” and I then stopped. Just when I gave up, I saw this huge object on top of my neighbor’s house and back yard extending approximately 600-900 feet back and about 100-200 feet in height.

The object was not a solid object. It was made up of thousands of very long streaks of oblong shaped white thin lights-- oblong light streaks. I appeared to form the shell or outside portion of the craft and also these energy objects appeared on the inside as well. It appeared to me that I saw two possibly three distinct oblong outlines formed by the perimeters of these white light streaks. I recall the portion that was nearest to me was partially covered by the palm trees in front of my neighbor’s house-- that is how low this object was. The bottom of this craft was literally about 5 feet from the roof top of my next door neighbor’s house. Again, this craft was approximately 600-900 feet back and about 100-200 feet in height. There appeared to be hundreds of swirls of circular white light streaks all inside of this object, both on the outside shell of the object and partially on the inside of it.

The object was positioned at a horizontal position and at approximately a 15 degree incline. It was positioned at about an 8 o’clock to 2 o’clock format. The craft’s bottom part was about 5 feet from the top of my neighbor’s house. It is difficult to determine its height but I would say that the object was about 600-900 feet long and about 100-200 feet in height. I was clearly very long; I would say it was at least 300 yards, about 2-3 city blocks in length.

Attached are Exhibit 5, Exhibit 6, Exhibit 7, and Exhibit 8 which are drawings done by myself, my then 10 year old daughter, my friend Luis, and Sandra, his wife. Note that the drawings are not accurate because I should have been much further back when I took that picture. Thus, the actual craft was actually about 3 times the size of the drawing but we only had this space to draw the craft and we had to squeeze the drawing into the size of the picture taken.

I then heard a voice in my head which was the voice of my daughter. The voice said: “Daddy, next time you see a UFO please let me know. You and mommy have seen a UFO and I want to see one to”. The voice sounded like my daughter was right next to me telling me these things.

I then took a few steps toward my house and I started yelling for my daughter to come outside. My daughter had just turned 10 years old 2 weeks before. After yelling outside her bedroom she quickly appeared outside and asked me “what is that Daddy”? I told her that I did not know but believed it was a UFO in “hiding”. She just looked at the object in amazement.

After about 10-15 minutes of observing this object, my friend, Luis, who is 48 years old, his wife, who is 52 years old, and the daughter of his wife who is 17 years old drove up to my house. Both Luis and his wife were college educated in their native countries. Luis is a conservative Catholic who was raised in Mexico. He goes to Catholic Mass every Sunday and participates in various ministries. His wife is from Colombia and is also a college graduate and working professional. Both never believed in UFOS or anything associated with the paranormal. Both he and his wife were shocked and constantly asked me “what is that”. I told them in Spanish “You know very well what this is”. For the next 10 minutes each tried to come up with logical explanations of what they were seeing but they clearly could not come up with one that adequately explained this phenomenon. They both doubted whether this was indeed a UFO and discussed the following possibilities: lights bouncing up from the car headlights from the street behind us; atmospheric conditions; lightning; and that it must be some type of large light “anomaly”.

I did not tell them that I was the one that had “called down” this craft because that would have caused even more confusion for them and thus stayed quiet. After they had tried to “explain away” this craft, I started laughing out loud and thought to myself: “they don’t believe you, they don’t believe you”.

Suddenly, all throughout the craft, THOUSANDS of star light objects started to flicker on and off, flashing on and off in a fraction of a second. These star objects were quite large—like 10X the size of Venus. The thousands of oblong steaks of light were miraculously replaced by thousands upon thousands of huge stars quickly flickering on and off. It was surreal. I believed that because we started to doubt this object, it wanted to put on a show for us to demonstrate to us that in fact it was very “real”. It indeed was surreal. We were not scared but instead started yelling— “look at that, look over there”—pointing to the stars bursting all over the different parts of the craft. It was clearly putting on a show for us and no one was frightened.

After about 15 minutes of watching this light show of stars bursting all over the place inside the craft, my friends said they had things to take care of and they drove off. Looking back at it I did not even question them leaving. Here they were in the middle of an “event of a lifetime” and in the middle of this they decided to leave and I did not even question this. This was not rational.

About 5 minutes after they left, I felt that mosquitoes were attacking my legs. I had been wearing shorts. I told my daughter that it was time to go inside because the mosquitoes were killing us. 5 minutes after we got inside, my daughter told me “Daddy, there were no mosquitoes outside.” After she told me this, I “woke up” from my hypnotic state. Let me explain.

During our UFO contact encounter, I was fully cognizant and “awake” for almost everything except the realization that we were actually looking and interacting with a UFO craft and its beings. We all had cell phones and yet no one even bothered to take a picture, especially the teenager who always has a cell phone glued to her hands. I also did not notify my neighbor to inform them what was above their house. They were aware of us looking at them because they had turned the light on in their living room and they saw us staring at their house. I also did not run inside to get my video camera or tell my wife. After my daughter told me that there were no mosquitoes outside, I “woke up” and realized that I was under some type of “mind control”. I could understand why I had walked away from a scenario that should have been the front page story of Time Magazine and every media outlet around the world if I had captured it on video. I quickly got my camera and camcorder and ran outside with both but the huge UFO craft was gone.

About a month before this event, after my wife saw the huge multi-colored UFO outside our house, I had purchased a large telescope, a night vision CCTV camera with adapters to attach this camera to the telescope, an old used SONY camcorder with the old night vision technology and a digital camera with high powered zoom for night shots. I said to myself “the next time my wife or I see these objects we will be prepared to capture them on video and on camera so no one will doubt us”. We know what we saw and they were real. “Next time we are going to prove it.”

The irony was that while we were watching this craft it never even entered my mind to go inside the house and get these newly purchased items out and take a video or a picture. About 5 minutes after I entered my house with my daughter, I came to my senses and ran out with my digital camera and my SONY video cameras but the UFO had disappeared. I now believe that I was “instructed” to go inside and not to take any videos or pictures. I have learned that various individuals having “close encounters” have experienced similar responses-- our minds were totally controlled.

Since that August 2012 sighting, my wife and I have not seen any other UFOs or similar objects either inside or outside our home. Instead of UFO sightings, I have been inundated with numerous “paranormal experiences which will be detailed ahead. Every day I think about what I saw with my daughter and 3 friends and have become compulsive over these sightings and these visions have affected my work and my outlook on life, our role in our universe, and our relationship as spirits with God. I am a changed person. credit special thanks to Reinerio Hernandez

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