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Very bright silver UFO vanished from site 7/19/16 Daytona Beach FL

UFO Sighting Report 7/19/16 Oakwood GA

I was driving in my car on A1A heading north in Daytona Beach Florida, jut prior to Granada blvd, at 8:15 pm on 7-19-16, a little over one hour ago. I looked up in the sky towards the west, approximately 40 degrees up and saw an extremely bright (silver) UFO about 1,000 ft up, just even with the first very dense layer of three small gray clouds. The sky was very clear and my first thought is that it was an airplane reflecting the rays of the sun. I kept my eye on the UFO for close to 10 seconds. The sky was fairly clear in all directions and in the very far distance I could see airplanes flying the normal flight routes, very faint but visible airplanes. After the ten second constant watch, the UFO vanished from sight. I said to my wife, "what the hell was that?'I explained what I saw, we pulled over to the west of A1A so I could attempt to locate what I thought was an airplane and track the aircraft with my eye. With a very clear 180 degree view of the western sky I could not see nor could my wife see any aircraft heading west, north, east or south. I was stationary at this location for 10 minutes looking for any signs of a possible aircraft. Once again, the sky was very clear and cloud coverage was minimal. This very bright silver UFO vanished from sight. Nothing came through the three small grey clouds and I never saw it again.

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