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Vertical Metal UFO Sighting floating across the sky Laguna Woods CA.

UFO Sighting reported On Friday, June 10, 2017 @ 5:15pm it was a cool evening not a cloud in the blue sky. I was sitting on my balcony in Laguna Woods talking to a friend facing East. While gazing at Saddleback mountain I noticed a shimmering metal shaped UFO in the sky & thought it was a plane at first. As I kept my eye on it I realized that it was too vertical looking to be a plane so I grabbed my binoculars to see what it was. While looking through the binoculars I saw a pulsating red light coming from within the center column of the UFO Sighting, couldn't see the red light without the binoculars so I decided to grab my DSLR camera 16-270mm lens to take a few shots of it & look at it through my viewfinder. The UFO moved out of view before I could grab my tripod to get better shots. The consecutive shots shows that the UFO Sighting was changing in appearance & I believe rotating in circles while moving west in a straight line across the sky towards the ocean. mufon cms# 85140 UFO Sighting occurred on June 10th 2017 over the area of Laguna Woods California.

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