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US Air Force pilot 1958 UFO Encounter

When I was a US Air Force pilot stationed in Nice France I did see a UFO in the sky, actual size was hard to determine due to size, due to distance and lack of reference points. It was just there for 10 to 15 min, then it simply took off at incredible speed, fast enough that I knew it was not one of ours, IE not of this world. About a week before I was having a on and off augment with a buddy of mine, no they are not real, he was ya they are real, and so it was the same banter with no concussion. Minutes after the sighting while still in the air, I talked to ground control and they said they would send another plane up, but I know they did not. When I landed They told me is was best not to mention this incident to other’s, so that very much ended it. That night I got home and woke my wife up hey hon UFOs are real I just seen one today. As a backstory, deep down I did believe in UFOs because when I went to Vietnam July 4, 1967, Captain Cook who I had a great respect for, told me the story, that when he was flying he seen a UFO and he shot a missile at it, quickly glanced down at his instrument panel and looking back up, in that less than a quarter of a second, the UFO was gone. Later that same year he was flying over Hanoi Vietnam, and the missile site clipped his wing, it was really sad and next day when they played his voice cockpit recorder at the Brigade debriefing, he yelled to his copilot, hey John I’m going in to Torpedo the missile site, you can eject if you want. John did not do so they both went in together. I remember to this day the sad sad feeling of listening to their last transmission. UFO Sighting Event Location: Nice France Event Date 1958. Credit Jim Lawrence.

Vietnam July 4 1967 Air Force UFO encounter

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