Ultra-Bright White Blimp like UFO Sighting Davie Florida 12/15/16

UFO Sighting Davie Florida 12/15/16

UFO Sighting reported Davie, FL 12/15/2016 20:00 I first spotted the light in the northern sky. Location of the full moon was in the northern sky as well. The moon was at about 45 DEG. It was difficult to see at first because it was directly behind, but a little above a streetlight. I would say the UFO Sighting was approximately 15 DEG above the horizon. The UFO was moving westward slowly, effortlessly, and quietly. It was blimp like in movement and shape. I lost vision of it behind a large tree. The UFO then looped to the south and was directly in front of me at 26 5’ 40.66N 80 15’32.45W At this point the UFO was almost stationary. It was ultra-bright white. So bright my eyes had a hard time focusing. However, I did notice that there was a square to rectangular shaped area on the bottom that was black. Hand drawn picture will be sent to email referenced on website. In addition, the UFO sighting was equal to the horizon and less than 1/4 (.25) miles from my observation location east of coordinates.

UFO began an accelerate movement to the SSW where it crossed a major commercial airline flight path. I believe an inbound commercial airliner made an abrupt turn and deceleration.

I searched the Internet for pictures of blimp at night, and the UFO had no resemblance of the pictures I viewed. I thought if it was a blimp heading south it would be going to Perry Airport. I got in my vehicle and drove in that direction. I spotted the UFO again, in the distance. I drove all the way to Perry Airport, but did not see the UFO in the area. nuforc UFO sighting report

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