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UK Ministry of Defense 2017 recent release of 15 (of 18) UFO Sightings files

Leslie Kean UFO Sightings Official Records Book

Australian based researcher Keith Basterfield has completed three Blog posts regarding the contents of the UK Ministry of Defense(Military of Defense) recent release of 15 (of 18) UFO/UAP files. While there is more to go his study thus far has included A discussion regarding the admission that the US intelligence community as well as a Russian government body have an ongoing interest in the UFO Sightings issue the Military Of Defense handling of an Italian government inquiry as well as an overview of Italian government interest in the UFO problem and lastly a study of an October 1982 UFO sighting near Cypress by a USAF reconnaissance aircraft near the UK RAF Troodos air defense base Keith Blog posts can be viewed here. source Paul Dean

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