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UFO reported ST George Utah 8_11_17

I was driving from Denver to LA on the 11th. It was 2:00 am in the morning in utah I believe around ST. GEORGE, I had been traveling about 80-85 mph. While driving through a pass of high rocks, it cleared out and the canyons were on both sides of me. While I looked to my right, I saw a white/red light hovering in the canyon, I was alone on my side going southbound, no cars around me and didn't think of anything of it. About five mins later, I see three red/white UFO lights to the right of me out of my passenger window. The three UFOs were traveling the same speed as I was and hovering over the canyon. At that moment I looked to my left and looked up and there were another two UFOs with the same red and white light higher in elevation but also tracking my movements. At one point I had grabbed my led flash light to point towards the UFOs and one of the UFOs proceeded to move up and directly behind me, at that point that UFO had moved closer and I looked back and it had flashed a white light twice. Then I grabbed my phone to try to take a video and it backed off. This continued for about almost 40 mins while I was traveling at 80-85, didn't want to stop in the middle of the desert and continued to drive until I came up to this town I saw on my left side. I could tell because there were a bunch of house lights and such. At that moment I noticed three lights in the shape of a triangle, the lights were at each point. I could see a haze of sort and a ship and at the bottom right of the triangle it looked like a green beam was scanning a house. AT that point I decided to slow down and see if what I was seeing was real. I put my window down and all the UFOs following me stopped. I decided to move my car really slow and they proceeded to follow. At that point I decided to leave because I was on the road by myself. I pulled off an exit to see if I could get a better look but no one was around so I decided to just leave. The UFOs seemed like it was tracking and respond! ing to my reaction. After I left the town, they had completely stopped tracking me. source nuforc.org UFO Sighting occurred on August 11th 2017

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