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UFOs Making Impossible Directional Change On Night Vision Video Nevada 1/17/17

I shot this UFO video from my backyard in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of January 17, 2017. The only way to tell how unnatural some of the moves are in this video is to speed it up. I saw two UFO orange lights very high in the northern sky but by the time I was getting ready to film them they disappeared. I scanned the sky lower using the night vision camera because I couldn't see these UFOs visually. Once I saw them I followed them not knowing for sure if they were UFOs. I'm glad I did because as your watching the sped up version one of the UFOs make an impossible move. Of course, I am showing both the faster and actual speed versions. I have to do that sometimes because when the video is playing at actual speed it's really hard to detect some of the incredible directional changes.

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