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UFO was translucent and about 15 airplanes wide Aug 5 2017 Manhattan NY

UFO Sighting report Manhattan 8-5-17

UFO Sighting report reads as follows: I was on the rooftop of my apartment building on the lower east side of Manhattan when I stopped meditating to observe the airplanes noisily passing above my head. I was looking west and I noticed two planes crossing paths, one north and one south, at different altitudes/distances. This is when I noticed a translucent UFO making maneuvers beyond the planes (what seemed like Hoboken New Jersey). The pattern of the maneuvers (I witnessed it loop around horizontally, then upwards in a diagonal direction toward where I was on the east side of Manhattan) at first made me assume that this must be an eagle. After catching myself mid-thought, and realizing that there is no way an eagle could appear so big from so far away (for it out sized the planes which were at a much closer distance) and it moved with such abrupt acrobatics and with such great speed, along with the fact that this UFO Sighting was not flapping wings or making bird like movements, I automatically assumed I was seeing things and maybe it was an eye floater I was following (because of the translucent nature/size/speed of the UFO seemed incomprehensible to rationalize it as being any man made plane that I have ever seen or heard of before. So I quickly moved my eyes around and saw the floaters move but the UFO continued on its path. At this moment (about 12 seconds into the UFO Sighting) after the UFO Sighting made its upwards diagonal climb (It climbed what seemed to be 1,000 feet in a matter of a few seconds, and it began to head towards me, it went behind a cloud. This cloud stretched from the West side of Manhattan and ended just above where I was on my roof. I said to myself "I will look above at the exit point where I would assume if something was flying, it would come out and continue its path." Expecting at least 20 seconds to pass by before I would (maybe) see the UFO again, for that was what seemed to be the rational assumption based on the speed I saw the object moving at, About 3 seconds later I witnessed the UFO come from behind the cloud and enter my view directly above me. It Had a Boomerang shape but was a bit straighter, I'd say it was more like a 165 degree angle. It was completely silent, and I was still thrown off into disbelief by the fact that it was translucent yet I could completely make out the shape. I could only see the outline of the UFO because it appeared to be a little blurred on the edges and I could make out 5 distinct circular spots on the bottom of it (these spots were equally dispersed along the "wings" -2 on each wing and 1 in the middle, and they had no distinct color except the fact that they were a little bit blurred round the edges in the same way the edges of the entire UFO was.) Once the UFO was in view over my head, I probably witnessed it for about 7 seconds. After crossing over the eastern part of Manhattan it flew behind another cloud that was over what had to be Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This was the last I saw of the UFO. At first I thought it was flying seemingly slow, low to the city, and that it wasn't that big. Then 10 seconds later another plane passed over head near the flight path of this UFO and I realized then that the UFO was thousands of feet higher in altitude than the plane, at least 20 times bigger than the plane, and moving at a speed that made the planes speed seem like a snail. At this point in time I called my father to tell him what I saw and he asked me why I didn't record or take a picture. Well, I was completely in disbelief of what I was witnessing, and the event happened entirely to quickly for me to be able to understand what I was actually witnessing. AND to be completely honest, due to the translucent nature and speed of this UFO I do not believe that a camera would have captured an adequate video that would have interpreted the UFO accurately. mufon cms# 85682 UFO Sighting occurred on Aug.5th 2017 area Manhattan New York

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