UFO Was Intelligently Aware I was Watching it Willits California

Orange ball UFO Sighting reported over california June 2017

My husband and I were sitting outside together on our back porch on June 24th 2017 when I turned around and saw a an Orange Fireball like UFO in the sky originally I thought it looked like a Super Nova (a star exploding in the sky) so I jumped up and grabbed my Nikon dsl 3300 and snapped a photo of the fireball and as soon as I did the UFO started to move from the west (where I first sighted it) to the east (moving closer overhead) and then I asked my husband what it was because a start wouldn't move that way. Once I said something the UFO ball looked like a slow moving exploding fireball and then the lights were just out. But we could still see the UFO over head. It then cot closer and closers (northeast) that's when I could see what the bottom of the UFO looked like. It was a Dull Grey Sphere with Dark Rings starting from the middle and getting bigger towards the outside of the UFO. (I also filled as much as I can but the UFO was too dark at this time but you can here what was said and a single orange flash from the UFO and one photograph that just turned out like an orange blob) and as I said that it was for sure a ufo it stopped hovering above us and it's lights went back on and it went over the trees towards the north east. As soon as I saw the UFO I called my mom because I thought she would be the only one to believe me and I called her at 10:33 pm Saturday June 24, 2017. It's 11:37 and I just went to upload the images from my camera to the computer and my whole card has been corrected. I have no evidence.. even AFTER I showed my husband the video AND the images. 
Of this UFO Sighting. I will say I feel VERY uncomfortable right now as I am submitting this UFO Sighting report. mufon cms# 84588 UFO Sighting occurred over Willits California June 6/24/17

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