UFO Triangle Sighting 9/14/15 Psychic Messages Received Ohio

Ohio Triangle UFO 2015 drawing

East of Westerville, Ohio Sept. 14, 2015 - 10:05 PM EST, I observed the SAME bright light approaching from the North, that I had seen just a few nights prior, AND I had NO camera with me! The UFO entered my frame of vision from the West (skimming Tree Tops), turned 90 degrees (on a dime), and the UFO was moving directly at me. The Navigational Lights were that of a jet, but the headlight was 10x brighter than a typical jet headlight. I had just taken my camera in from my night of sky gazing, took the dog out, took her back in, and started to lock up the door for the night when I got a ‘psychic’ message to return outside and to stand by a particular tree, which I did. Very STRANGE! Sure as the devil, that’s when I spotted the UFO approaching from the west and just north of me. I backed away from the tree and boldly stood as the UFO centered directly between my eyes and came overhead at an est. 15 – 20 mph. or less. It presented what appeared to be a Full Display of Lights, including a Ring of Brilliant Red Individual Lights, dead center in the belly of the UFO. It was lit like ‘Times Square’ and utterly silent. Another UFO Triangle, but this time, just over my head! This time, left light red and right, green; different from prior, higher slightly higher altitude sightings of 2 UFO Triangles together, with red and white lights, only, from days earlier. The head-beam was brighter than the moon, and cast for a couple miles forward, at least, and came over at an est. 100 feet – 125 feet at best. It was VERY LOW and Slow. I know I said 15 – 20 mph. but in reality it may have moving at 5 mph. for all I know. I was hypnotized by the green light and a feeling of peace and love came over me. Again VERY STRANGE! ‘They’ (Whoever or Whatever They are) allowed me to see the entire craft. I was in absolute Awe! AND … I was not the least bit frightened! I know the light mesmerized me as I stood smiling at the UFO approaching me! If it were any lower, I could have hit it with a rock. As it passed overhead, I was dead center with the brilliant red belly lights. If they wanted to abduct me, they would have! As it was about to exit our property, the only sound it made was a low crackling sound. The back edge was trimmed with yellow-orange oblong ports. I got a GREAT look at the UFO, but missed a sensational photo op! This struck me as a total Anti-Gravity UFO, as the giant Equilateral Triangle UFO barely moved through the air, with no wind or air disturbance being generated what so ever. MUFON CMS#76141

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