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Significant Discovery Of US Military Records Highlighting "UFO Problem" During The Vietnam War. Part 2 of this all new Vietnam War-era UFO documents, from the US Navy, US Army, and US Marine Corps. Again we see a continued distinction made between "UFOs"/"Unidentified Flying Objects" and other unidentified aerial activity. I've also raised the issue of on-going CIRVIS and MERINT procedures after Project Blue Book's demise, and a curious letter to Senator Patty Murray in 1993. So, at least there is some variety. This edition of my Vietnam series has files from commands and units as widespread as:

the US Joint Chiefs of Staff,

the US Army’s Headquarters, 524th Military Intelligence Detachment;

the US Navy’s Military Sea Transportation Service;

the US Marine Corps’ 3rd Marine Division, 1st Amphibious Tractor Battalion;

…and... the US Army’s 4th Infantry Division’s, 3rd Brigade, 1st Battalion, 14th Inf.

And.. Now we know too that, for the Vietnam War, the 7th Air Force had so-called "UFO" files in their Sci & Tech Directorates , plus HQ Pacific Air Force's in their field Intelligence divisions, plus the US Pacific Fleet at their Stratigic Air Command liasion office, plus, the US Military Assistant Command, HQ, plus, the I and II Field Force, Vietnam HQ's, plus the counter-intelligence division of the XXIC Corps, plus, the 5th Special Forces Operations Group's Aviation Company! UFOs - Documenting The Evidence UFOS-DOCUMENTING-THE-EVIDENCE.BLOGSPOT.COM|BY PAUL DEAN

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