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UFO Sightings Some Could Be Possible Staged Events

UFO Sightings As Staged Events

A basic rule for professional intelligence case officers is to protect their human assets. The question arises who are the "agents of influence" working for UFO Intel. Most people believe that a flying saucer "UFO sighting" is a random strange event. In my judgment this may not be the case. Typically when UFO Sightings are observed they don’t appear to be doing anything particular other than showing off their appearance. In other words these are likely staged events. Both Dr. Vallee and John Keel have offered this point of view in the past.

Given the astounding psychic technology of "UFO" flying saucer intelligence why would they limit their mental interactions to only the so-called experiencers (contactees and abductees.) This group probably accounts for less than one percent of the general population. Continue to read UFO Sightings Are Possible Staged Events click here

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