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UFO Sightings Over Southern Illinois Video

UFO Sightings Southern Illinois part 1 of 5 video

This is one of the few UFO Sightings movies you'll ever see that's actually worth watching. Several police officers called in a report on it and one even snapped a photo (albeit a very bad Polaroid). NO ONE IS SUGGESTING THAT THIS IS AN EXTRATERRESTRIAL SPACE CRAFT! I'm from this area and everyone here assumes it was some kind of military or experimental aircraft. Boeing flies experimental aircraft here at night all the time. The interest in this UFO video lies in the fact that someone has invented an aircraft that can both hover and accelerate at great speeds, and it can do so in near silence. Everyone in this UFO video (which includes the testimonies of several eye witness police officers from several counties) claimed that what they saw was as thick as a 2 story building and about as long as a football field. Whatever we've got out there now seems to be an amazing achievement in aeronautical engineering. We'll probably find out all about in a few years, but right now it's fun to speculate. credit Glyn Williams

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