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UFO Sightings of Structured Extraterrestrial Vehicles 41416

UFO sightings and strange lights in the sky continue to escalate across communities worldwide. Their "high strangeness" escalates as well - with UFO sightings of bizarre "dripping" lights to apparently structured extraterrestrial vehicles, the world asks the questions - Why are they here? Footage includes bizarre "smoke-like" emissions in space from NASA photography, consistently rotating energy-based entities, commercial airline pilots witnessing UFOs first hand, and a resurgence in the strange phenomenon known as sky flashes. This video presents evidence, not only that "They", whether Ultra Terrestrial, Extra Terrestrial, or however else you describe the Visitor Phenomenon, are not only here - but that their agenda appears to include us and our children. Do elements of our government or the NWO know of their presence? And has the agenda continues, unabated, for decades?

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