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UFO Sightings? Odd Shaped Object appears hovering over Dayton Ohio Video

Dayton Ohio UFO Sighting over Military Base 2016

Video of a strange UFO Sighting in the sky near a military base in Dayton, Ohio, had the Internet buzzing Sunday over whether it was a UFO, "Fox & Friends" reported.

“This UFO looks like it’s moving with the clouds,” a woman is heard saying on the video. The 13-minute YouTube video appears to show an object hovering and disappearing into the clouds near the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, which housed an Air Force project that documented alleged UFO and extraterrestrial sightings from 1947 to 1969. A couple spotted the UFO as they were watching the sunset from their home, London's Daily Mirror reported Saturday. They sent the video to Tyler Glockner at Secure Team 10, which describes itself on Twitter as “bringing exposure of the alien phenomenon and those trying to hide it back to the masses,” the paper reported.
Glockner claims the same has been seen two other times in the skies over Dayton, according to the Mirror. It is rumored that Secure team 10 is not a reliable UFO Sighting source so we much remain skeptical. credit Ava Hernandez

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