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UFO Sightings observed by Military? Over the United Kingdom

Tony while sat camera ready to film a UFO Sighting he may have became the object of observation by a C130 Hercules that circled his house eleven times back and forth. After looking at various images, the analysis of the plane being observed by UFOs was made. The story of what the plane was possibly observing is also fascinating. The craft was taking part in major air operations over the town, and at the location Tony talks of jets will often turn up specifically in that area, Is someone also taking a special interest, or is it just a coincidence. View Latest UFO Sightings Observed by Military? Video Here  In our second UFO Sighting video The saga continues with Tony on the UFO Sighting watch as jets are often appearing near a field that has special significance to his UFO experiences. Is someone else taking an interest in UFOs Tony wonders. View The UFO Sighting saga continues Video Here

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