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UFO Sightings Gone Wild

When a fake enters the ufology bloodstream, it often mutates like a virus and can never be killed. As new students come in, the contagion spreads by eager and willing carriers. Explained as a digital animation, this video (here's the full sequence) was often mis-captioned and recycled out of its original context as a real footage. Nope, that was a clip created in CGI for a TV movie broadcast on British television in 2005 titled "UFOs: The Secret Evidence", known in US as "An Alien History of Planet Earth" and broadcast in 2006 on History Channel. Also, that digital animation tried to show what I call a big "UFO Sighting misrepresentation": the alleged flying saucers taken over Washington Capitol building in 1952. The UFO researcher Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos found the photo from which the "misunderstanding" started: the objects taken in that old photo were just lens flares (http://www.nicap.org/images/19520719wash_proof.jpg) and the photo is actually dated 1965. credit Curt Collins

                            UFO Sightings over Washington DC 1952

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