UFO Sightings field investigators

UFO News Today: UFO field investigators are the unsung heroes that don't receive anywhere near the credit they so rightfully deserve. They are the "boots on the ground" that conduct the hard work of examining UFO sightings reports, interviewing UFO Sightings witnesses, gathering physical traces, and most often times, making the determination that what was reported turned out to be something mundane, and not truly anomalous. The UFO research community has always suffered from a lack of qualified and properly trained field investigators, and often the investigators that are working are not supported properly, or assisted to any truly significant degree. What does that mean? UFO field investigators should receive financial assistance, to pay for gas, lodging, and equipment. UFO field investigators should be directly supported by the organizations they work for, be it the Mutual UFO Network, or any of the other smaller investigative organizations that are currently in operation. Despite these shortfalls, UFO field investigators have been doing outstanding work for decades, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Imagine what could be accomplished if UFO field investigators were properly supported! Positive changes have to be made, and those changes are completely reasonable, attainable, and downright logical. I strongly encourage everyone to give a heartfelt "Thank You!!" next time you meet a UFO field investigator, they certainly have earned it! credit William Pullin

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