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UFO Sightings Psychic Abilities

J. Burkes MD

Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise 
The cleverly produced video faking psycho-kinesis reflects our culture’s superficial fascination with psychic phenomenon.

Viewing this lighthearted hoax with a special effects crew gives me cause to discuss the theme of psychic ability among contacts. On three occasions I witnessed psycho-kinesis carried out by a fellow contact worker that I call "Misha." We worked together from 1993 till I departed from CSETI in 1998.

There is a broad spectrum of contact experiences. On one extreme you have those with a simple UFO Sighting. Many people believe that these are random events but in my judgment they are not.

Even simple sightings in my opinion are staged. Flying saucer intelligence probably has a consciousness link with every "UFO perceiver." I suspect this is hard for most people to accept. It certainly was so for me. It took years of experience in the contact network to lead me to this assessment.

On the other extreme there are those individuals that I call "prime contacts." They are usually trained through psychic interactions with the so-called "ETs" from childhood and they can exhibit unusual para psychological talents. Direct telepathic communication with UFO intelligence may be one of them. Misha I strongly suspect had this, but when I asked him about it he usually responded with enigmatic statements like "I can't talk about it. It is not safe." And then he clamed up and refused to say anything more.

Another talent might be psycho-kinesis. While driving with Misha to a contact research site in the Mohave Desert in May of 1994 we had a dispute. I had just purchased a used 1991 Isuzu 4 wheel drive Trooper. We were on a power line dirt road just a few miles from the perimeter of Fort Irwin near Highway 15. Power lines were over us as we bounced along a rocky path that had been bulldozed across a rugged desert landscape.

Misha wanted me to engage the 4-wheel drive mechanism, but I was at the wheel and deemed it not necessarily as we were making good progress without it. We argued this point for a few minutes when suddenly the lever controlling the 4-wheel drive ON ITS OWN moved into position. The display panel lit up and we were in 4-wheel drive. No one had touched the lever and it was under my continuous observation as I drove.

When I purchased the vehicle I was told by the owner that the only way I could safely engage the 4-wheel drive mechanism was to stop the car, back up to lock the tires into 4 wheel drive mode, and then and only then move the lever forward into place. An Isuzu dealer's mechanic asserted that it was impossible for the mechanism to spontaneously on its own go into gear without carrying out the prescribed procedure. Misha was as surprised as I was when this happened, but he indeed wanted us to be in 4-wheel drive and that's what happened. One two other occasions he willfully used his psychokinetic powers to accomplish tasks and these examples unlike this one were apparently directly under his control. At this time I ask fellow contact experiences to please share their personal accounts of apparent psychokinetic phenomenon that they have witnessed.

Thank you James Iandoli for posting this link that allows me to describe these astounding events from years past.

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