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UFO Sightings Documenting The Evidence 2016

Paul Dean I have completed another blog post in an ongoing series which has studied US government documents related to the 1970s ''over flights'' of sensitive military bases. During this odd period in history, various unidentified objects and/or unusual phenomenon intruded into a number of installations where nuclear missiles, nuclear armed bombers, were based. Massive quantities of records were released, and continue to turn up.

I have again focused on Freedom of Information (FOI) correspondence and declassified documentation, much of which contains the term ''UFO'', ''unidentified flying object'', ''unusual object'', etc.

This time, specifically, I have highlighted two agencies in my work: the old Aerospace Defense Command (ADCOM) and the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). Both dealt with the 1975 UFO incursions, and both were rather coy about the matter.

We see ADCOM and NORAD involved at Headquarters level, including the NORAD Combat Operations Center. We see the Space Defense Center mentioned also. Various ADCOM and NORAD Regional Headquarters likewise handled the UFO situation. We also see the ceaseless use, as I stated above, of terms related to ''UFO'' and ''unidentified flying object''. This was at a time where NORAD, ADCOM, the USAF, and other entities were not even supposed to be using these phrases, and, certainly not in a national security setting, as ordered by the Secretary of the US Air Force.

We see examples of combat jets scrambled to identify ''unusual sightings''. We see Commander being notified of ''UFOs'' which are being reported in real time. We see NORAD officials lie about the existence of records too.

Here is the link:    UFOs - Documenting The Evidence

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