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UFO Sightings at Holloman Air Force Base New Mexico


In 1952 Ruppelt received a report from Holloman Air Force Base concerning films and photographs of UFO Sightings at the missile range. When the Project Blue Book UFO files were made available to the public this report was among the missing. Robert Todd hunting for the report among microfilms of Holloman historical documents from the Air Force Historical Research Agency did find two reports of aerial phenomena not in the Project Blue Book files Report EHO-15 and MTHT-150.

Ruppelt's report, probably EHO-41, and another report EHO-13 which may contain further information about UFO Sightings at Holloman are yet to be found.

We have compiled a partial listing of the UFO Sighting incidents at Holloman from Brad Sparks' Project Blue Book Unknowns Listing, Barry Greenwood Office of Special Investigations (OSI) index, various APRO publications and books, and other references. (One official apparently slipped Keyhoe a Holloman report which did not appear in Project Blue Book.) Comparing the Holloman list with Keith Basterfields' compilation of UFO Sightings at the Woomera Rocket Range shows similar UFO Sighting incidents occurred thousands of miles apart at both ranges. PROJECT 1947 - Holloman Air Force Base Reports EHO-15 and MTHT-150  Official US Air Force reports of UFO sightings over Holloman Air Force Base and White Sands missile testing range during 1950 and 1951 PROJECT1947.COM  credit Jan Aldrich

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