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UFO Sighting with Square Red Lights Reported

I live on a marsh Branford Connecticut I happen to wake up midnight to one am and I could not believe my eyes. UFO Sighting was stationary on tree top across marsh just siting there for 5 min. I did not feel nervous or I did not grab my phone which is so out of character for me always taking pictures. Anyways behind is just a marsh not sure it moved out after a moment. Strangest I have not told many about the incident because it seems crazy  but I do believe this had occurred. The date is January 8 to 9th 2021. I just found out about mufon so I decided to let you know. The marsh behind me is surrounded by water on both sides it connects to land but currently no one living there but a future home is being built. The UFO Sighting was huge like a UFO with Square Red Lights. Anyways I did not feel at harm but maybe I should of called local police or something. I recently lost a dear friend that said he was abducted I had this feeling that he is with his friends and he wanted to see where I was. Now why in the world in the middle of night would that be my first thought they are out there and I hope I am right they mean no harm. with his friends. mufon cms#113665 Branford Connecticut 2/12/21 Region has had 873 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Red Saucer Shaped UFO

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