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UFO Sighting with large spotlights in Nebraska cattle country - 1976

It was a cold and clear starlit night in the winter of 1976. I lived out in the wide open cattle country of Nebraska where there are no street lights, so if it’s clear you can see millions of stars. I was a senior in high school and was ready to drive into town to play in a basketball game on Friday night. I was driving my father’s truck. When I pulled onto the main highway (I was the only vehicle on the road at that point), I immediately had a UFO Sighting just over 1/2 mile ahead that was hovering about 20 ft. above the ground on the north side of the highway. The UFO was shining these huge and powerful spotlights down along the river meadow where the cattle would graze in the winter time. The UFO craft had a red light on the front (the end the spotlights were shining from), and a green light on the opposite end. Neither the red nor green lights were flashing at that point. 

Within just a few seconds, as my headlights shown down the highway toward the craft, the UFO craft rotated and shined those powerful spotlights at me. They were so strong they lit up the front of the truck from about 1/2 mile away. I know this distance because there is a big curve in the highway at the point from where I was, and the UFO craft was hovering right next to that curve. The spotlights appeared to be about 4 – 5 ft. apart. It shined those lights at me for just a few seconds, then slowly rotated back with the lights shining back toward the meadow and the UFO craft slowly started moving across the highway and down over the meadow. 

I noticed as soon as the UFO craft moved, the red and green lights started slowly flashing. It moved across the meadow toward the river which was only around 300 yards away at that point. The thing I noticed right away was that there was no sound. Out in the vast country like this, you can hear a sound for miles, but nothing. The UFO gradually picked up speed as it approached the river which runs west to east along the highway. It turned off the spotlights as it crossed the meadow, but the red and green lights kept flashing, and they would increase the speed of the flash as the UFO increased in speed. 

At the point the UFO moved above the river, I was at the curve in the highway where I first saw it hover, and I was speeding up continually trying to get closer. I was only maybe 400 yards away at that point, and the craft turned and followed the river, just above the tree line. It was amazing how this UFO just cruised along above the river at such a slow pace and no sound. I was fixated on the UFO as I kept driving faster. It went along the river for about another mile and then stopped on the south side of the river. At that point the red and green lights stopped flashing as it hovered. I had caught up with it and I pulled off the south side of the highway next to it. At that point I had my windows in the truck down to try and hear some sound, even though it was freezing out, but there was no sound and I was only around 100 yards away from the UFO as it hovered about 40 ft. above the ground. 

The UFO appeared to be about 30 feet in diameter. It was dark in color, but again there are no street lights out there, and it was a dark starlit night, so that may have made it appear darker in color than it actually was. There seemed to be some faint white lights along the edge of the UFO, evenly spaced from the green light to the red light. I wanted an even better look, so I was going to get out of the truck. I had to wait for a minute because there was another vehicle coming down the highway, from east to west (they had to have seen it too), and I waited for it to pass before opening my door. 

As I opened the truck door, the dome light in the truck came on, and immediately the UFO started moving in the opposite direction from which it came (back to the west). As it started to move, the red and green lights started flashing again slowly. I turned the truck around as fast as I could as started following it back in the west direction. I noticed the UFO start to accelerate gradually as I did as well. It was still just above the tree tops and the river. As it sped up, the red and green lights flashed faster and faster. The dim white lights along the edge seemed to start flashing as well. 

I had chased after it about a mile and it continued to accelerate. I glanced down at my speedometer and I was doing over 90 mph at that point. I still had my windows down in the freezing air, and there was not a single sound from the UFO, which was only a couple hundred yards away. I was just approaching that curve in the highway where I originally saw it hovering for the first time, and all of a sudden, this craft accelerated at a tremendous speed as it angled up about 40 degrees in a southwest direction. The red, green, and now white lights were flashing at a very fast pace as it accelerated off towards the stars. Within 5 seconds, it was so far away it was out of sight. Again, absolutely no sound as it accelerated to this tremendous speed. 

The distance this UFO had to travel to be out of sight within a few seconds is unbelievable. It was a clear starlit night, and you can see for a long way when it’s like that. We can even see satellite’s orbit on clear nights like this, and they are hundreds of miles up. There are no military bases anywhere close to this area. This is in the middle of Nebraska. What is called the Sandhill’s region. The closest military base would probably be Colorado Springs, and that about a 7 or 8 hour drive from this location. 

There have been cattle mutilations is this area where I saw the UFO. In fact there was one cow that was found around this time frame, about 3 miles east of where I saw the UFO. No blood, no tracks lead up to the cow, and organs cut out. I suspect this UFO was hunting cattle with those huge spotlights when I first saw it. Again, it was panning the river meadow/pasture where cattle are kept during the winter time. Guess I just happened to get in the way of their search for cattle. 

After the UFO was out of sight, I drove right back to the house and told my parents I just saw a UFO. Obviously I was excited and they said my eyes were very big. I sat on the couch for a while to calm down. This was back in 1976. There is no way we had craft that would even come close to what this thing could do, and I’m sure to this day, we still don’t. This thing defied the laws of physics. There is now way a craft can hover like that, move that slow, and accelerate that fast, without any sound. To this day, I still remember this as if it happened yesterday, and this was over 40 years ago. I did not tell anyone else about this for over 30 years, but now that more people believe, I am willing to tell the story. What an amazing experience to have. I feel lucky to have been in the right place at the right time. This was not some light in the sky, this was a close encounter and I will never forget it. 

Sorry the story is so long, but that’s the only way I could tell this like it happened. I hope others will get the chance to see a UFO in their life time. 

Thanks for taking your time to read this. mufon cms# 81546

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