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UFO Sighting White Structured Ball Appendages

The "UFO Sighting" I saw was White somewhat Disc Shape with lines raised out some from the Craft and a pole looking Appendage with a Ball on the end of it. The "UFO Sighting" was 20 to 30 ft from tip to tip and was all white. Its appearance surprised me as it sat motionless hovering in an open field. It looked like a huge drone but I don't remember seeing any propellers or means of propulsion. The "UFO Sighting" was somewhere around 200 ft or even a little more form me. But not far enough away that I couldn't see details. As soon as my tanker truck was nearly parallel with "UFO" it began to move in a southerly to eastward movement gaining altitude to clear trees at end of field. This is when it really was weird because its shape somehow changed to a plane looking object that now was white with brown on it but the fuselage was too small for a conventional glider or plane. I never heard any noise,though my window was up. Did not get any pictures. I was driving and have seen a lot if weird stuff and didn't take any pics. I felt I should report this. It seems when I get to see "UFOs" they are actual structured objects. mufon cms#109218 Sardinia South Carolina U.S Region has had 937 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Saucer Shaped UFO Disk

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