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UFO Sighting Tracked on Radar Through Oregon

UFO Sightings News: NORAD's reply to aviation wonk Tyler Rogoway was quick to affirm the event, even if it was short on details. On 25 October 2017, a incident involving a UFO Sighting with multiple airline crews, air traffic control, and F-15C's out of Portland Oregon did, in fact, occur. According to NORAD's statements and recordings of radio transmissions, airliner pilots were asked by FAA air traffic controllers to help track and identify a UFO "white aircraft" traveling between 35,000 and 37,000 feet. NORAD also confirmed that the reports led to F-15's from the 142 Fighter Wing out of Portland being scrambled to investigate, but by the time they got up and "looked around" the mystery UFO couldn't be found. For the past two years, the radio transmissions have been an entertaining share along with the F-18 HUD tapes for Tic-Tac. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/18473/faa-recordings-deepen-mystery-surrounding-ufo-over-oregon-that-sent-f-15s-scrambling   Listen to FAA Tapes of UFO Sighting Incident here

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