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UFO Sighting seemed to have been hovering in the dark 2/26/18 Glean Cove New York

purple light UFO sighting Glen Cove NY 2018

We were standing by my car in front of friend's house at 9 pm talking about getting together again. We began to face South West as we talked when this UFO suddenly turned on its light. It looked like a bright purple globe. It seemed to have been hovering at 1500 feet or more, then turned on its light and flew about two miles North at lightening speed. We wondered if it had been there spying on us. I felt a bit of an ache in my eyes and in my head as I stared at it. I am not sure why. The UFO sighting was spherical and had a bright purple glow. As soon as it's light turned on and became visible, it flew at lightning speed about 2 miles from South to North and then it shut its light off and vanished. UFO Sighting seemed to curl as if making a turn to go back South or go West, but once the lights were completely off we could not see if it was still there hovering. We were feeling shocked but not scared by what we saw and began to laugh a bit nervously. I asked my friend "Did you see that? She said Yes, I was going to ask you if it was a shooting star. I answered It was purple. The stars are white, and it was bigger than the stars and faster than a plane or helicopter. I think we saw a UFO she said that's what I saw too. I said to her, I am glad you saw it or I would have thought I was loosing my mind had I been alone. We knew it was not a shooting star, nor a plane or helicopter, because the UFO sighting moved a long distance at speed we have never seen air crafts fly in the air before. I live near JFK Airport and know the speed of a planes as they fly over our house. mufon cms# 90532

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