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UFO Sighting reported two small trailer looking UFOs 9/27/17 Canton GA.

UFO Sighting occurred on early morning September 27, 2017 waiting for Farm Bureau rep to inspect my daughters Roof for damage. Farm Bureau rep pulled into driveway, getting out of car I noticed he was looking toward the garage roof , I looked upward toward roof and saw two small trailer-looking UFOs. We both looked at each other and said well we did not see this a UFO. No noise was coming from UFO, they were very bright silver in color. At one time stood Motionless in sky. I got my I phone camera out, was on live view so did not get the pictures I thought I would get. What I saw with my eyes was not what the I phone recorded. Do not understand this. Again the Farm Bureau rep talked we agreed we would write this off who would believe us. The UFO Sighting was trailer shape 20 X 40 at the most no noise or lights. Speed leaving was not from this world, gone in the blink of the eye. I did call Cherokee Sheriff dept , they came out gave report. Called the FAA at 10:54 and talked to Torrance L Branch operation manager 770-210-7622. Also sent him UFO pictures of What I saw. Again they turn up as little bright patches in sky, this is not what your eyes see. When you first see a UFO you do not know how to react, it is something the mind does not Know how to sort out. Contacted National UFO Reporting Center, talked to Peter Davenport by phone and filing this report. Awaiting word from FAA if this was in radar in the Atlanta Ga area. We are not alone.
((NUFORC Note: We spoke with the witness on the telephone, and he seemed to us to be quite serious-minded. PD))

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