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UFO Sighting reported small white sphere that could descend to ground level in seconds

UFO Sighting reported 4/8/18 white disk Fort Collins

UFO Sighting occurred on 4/8/18 Fort Collins CO:  A small white sphere that could descend to ground level in seconds where at which time it would begin to glow red and not white. I was the only witness to this event and therefor can only give information about myself. I am thirty-nine years old and have spent a great deal of time outside and looking to the sky. Most of my life, I have worked in kitchens and bakeries but I am currently taking classes at the community college. I hope to earn my associates in science and hopefully transfer to our local four year to study ecology. I make the same walk often and have never seen anything like this before this time, nor have I since this event. I believe that this event occurred somewhere between 1:30 and 2:00 Sunday morning. I was walking through the neighborhood on my way home and noticed a star that looked out of place. When I was able to find a break in both the branches of the trees above and the clouds then I was able to be certain that this was not a star. It began to glow more brightly and then made some quick movements with angles that would form a triangle. Once I knew that I was actually seeing something that was out of place I kept the UFO in sight and continued my walk home.

With the UFO in sight and well above the level of any clouds, I noticed that the white light that was coming from the UFO was getting brighter and realized that it was descending very quickly and moving straight toward me. In only a matter of seconds it was at the level of the street lamps, and I was now able to see that the UFO was a sphere roughly the size of a basketball. It was no longer emitting white light but had begun to glow red. The red lights on this UFO seemed to move in sort of a Rubic cube manner and then it began to ascend back to about cloud level. I walked the last about six blocks to my home with this UFO not following me but staying within sight and almost leading me to my home. During this time the craft descended to within thirty to forty feet of me two more times. Each time emitting white light when high up in the sky and glowing red when at street level. The lights were broken up and moving rapidly on the outside of the craft and it sometimes appeared that there was no solid object but more of an organization of tiny lights moving in a cooperative manner through the air. I was turning onto my street where I live at the fourth house down and was surprised at how unafraid I had been through the first two descents. The UFO then came down to within eight feet of the ground and still moving ahead of me, it went past and around to the other side of my neighbor’s house. This last descent was when I first really got my anxiety up and being relieved to be at my house I went inside and tried to wrap my head around what I had just seen.

Once inside my home I noticed a wound on my hand that looked like someone took a tiny spoon and scooped out a tiny bit of my hand. There was no bleeding, it just was already grown over with a very smooth concave scab. I am pretty certain that I did not have such a wound when I left my last destination to head towards my house. The next day I also had what felt like a sunburn on my face. When I looked in the mirror my face appeared red but unlike a sunburn it this burn was evenly spread throughout every part of my face. Even under my nose and in the creases around my nose that are rarely hit by the sun was burned. This burn lasted about a day and a half before I began peeling and within a day or so my face had peeled completely. I am certain I was not burned by the sun. I suspect that the craft was burning my skin when it was emitting the white light. My face was the only part of me that was exposed and when the UFO was at cloud level the white light seemed to foc! us right on my face as I looked directly back at the source. There was no visible beam of light, but I could see and feel this light much more than the glowing red light that would be seen when the craft was at street level.

The basic description of this UFO Sighting would be a bright white light when high in the sky and a formation of small red lights when at a level where it could be seen easily. It could make this type of altitude change in barely over a second and during the first two descents the mass of the UFO hovered completely still while the red lights rotated around a central mass. very rapidly. It made no sound and was almost the size of a basketball. The third descent was the only time I saw the UFO move in any direction other than up or down while near the ground. The red lights would move rapidly almost as if they were being worked very quickly in the same manner a Rubic cube would be solved only spherical and with thousands of tiny red lights instead of the 54 panels one would find on the standard Rubic cube. The UFO Sighting moved slowly as it went around towards the back of my neighbor’s house. As it hovered across my neighbor’s house it maintained a height just below th! e level of the first-floor gutters on the house. It seemed to glow more of a golden or white glow that would overpower the red lights and then fade back to a low enough level that the red lights could be seen once again.

I was trying to post about this shortly after the event but I had a lot of trouble using my keypad to form the words that I had intended on typing. This continued for until I had slept a full night’s sleep. It felt as if my mind was partially disabled for a bit of time after seeing this UFO. source nuforc.org

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