UFO Sighting Reported Pine Bush New York

Bright light 2-3 miles away with rapid-cycling colored lights. Date: August 19, 2019 Time: approx. 23:00 EST Location: Ulster County, NY, low in the sky between Burlingham, NY, and Walker Valley, NY, UFO Sighting area: about 10 mins West of Pine Bush, NY, looking West. UFO Sighting duration 5-10 mins.

Description: Seen just above the tree tops at a distance of approx. 2-3 miles, a bright flashing light, rapidly changing colors. Larger and brighter than a star, and not flashing regular FAA lights (as I observed the UFO a normal plane did fly overhead for contrast). Lots of stars out, too, but this looked nothing like a star. 

Mediocre quality iPhone video taken that, at least, shows the rapid cycling of the flashing lights. Viewed through binoculars, however, the distant UFO Sighting almost appeared spherical, and the different colored rapid-cycling lights were much more obvious. The UFO Sighting appeared motionless until it drifted away south and was gone from view behind tall trees nearby.

UFO Sighting Sphere Pine Bush New York 8-2019

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