UFO Sighting Reported Over Santa Clarita CA 22516

While watching TV I noticed a large object hovering still over the top of one of the mounts in the LA National Forrest, the morning sky was just starting to light up with the sun rising in the east behind the object, but the sun had not peaked over the mountain just yet. The UFO object caught my attention since it was the only object in the sky; at first I thought this was only a cloud, however there was not any other clouds in the sky. I took a couple photos and then sat back down on the couch continuing watching TV but still keeping an eye out the window when all of a sudden 5 or 10 minutes later the image moved a bit and had looked like it broke up showing other objects hovering below and to the sides of the larger object; that’s when I confirmed to myself its only a cloud since it had broke up a bit.

 But then what happened next is when I realized it’s a UFO, the object came together as one again and started to leave; it moved east away from where I was. After the UFO left I noticed the morning sky filled with more then a dozen fighter jets. About 1 hour later around 0730 the object reappeared; the UFO was cloaked and appeared as a large cloud; next there were 2 fighter jets which flew over our house and headed east toward the UFO.. as the jets approached, the UFO started to leave and head east away from the incoming jets pursuing it; in the distance I noticed what looked like the first jet to plummet down (as if the jet was shoot down or it pursued a drone or something). The scale of how large the UFO was enormous, in the pictures you can tell that the size of the jets in comparison were tiny, this UFO dwarfed our jets, this was their mother ship as its referred to or a floating city. One hour later the object reappeared and headed west toward our house and then north and dropped down behind the mountain ridge.

In the distance you could see jets flying all around in that direction. Further I saw another plan flying overhead, this was a radar plan, the plan with the large circle dome on the top of it. There was a lot of activity over the Los Angeles National forest this morning; I called the news station and the LA National Ranger Station, but no one followed back up with me. MUFON CMS # 74242

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