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UFO Sighting reported over Military Plane France 4216

White balls of light above military plane 3 UFOs regroup and change direction one follows the plane.These UFO Sightings were very common here in 2012 virtually every week. A large white ball in the sky always at night very low and no noise. I personally witnessed over 15 of these objects over a period of several months. in fact they were so common i stopped counting.Most of my family have witnessed these with me and some of my friends. I tried to photo the UFOs but with little success. I managed to catch them on film in broad daylight by accident, I was filming a military plane flying over my house when i watched the film on the computer I noticed the UFOs. I couldn't see them whilst filming because of the contrast against the blue sky. Since 2012 I have only seen about 5 of these flying at night.I live in an area which has a lot of UFO activity, in 1995 one landed a few kms away and left a large mark on the ground. In the 70s there was a lot of landings in the area one left a mark on the ground which took 20 years to disappear. I hope you find this information use full. Tim UFO Sighting reported on 4116/occurred on 81214  location France source MUFON CMS #7552


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