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UFO Sighting reported of Disk Shape UFO over Penn PA 7-4-17

5 silver disk shape UFOs over Penn Hills PA 7-4-17

I was sitting on my porch waiting for fireworks but was unable to see any when I sighted a circular UFO which was silver in color. Pretty far up. I then seen it turn a green color, then red and it was pulsating. Once in a while it would disappear, figured it was over the clouds, which were minimal. It remained stationary so I went into the house to get my binoculars. I then checked the time 10:44 pm. I then see it release about 5 circular UFOs. They were clear except the out line was a gold color. I did not see where they went. UFO then began pulsating and changing colors. My next door neighbor came out and asked about the fireworks and I told him I did not see any but directed his attention to the UFO. He asked what it was and I said I do not know. He suggested a drone, I then explain how it was stationary for about 30 to 40 minutes and how the colors were changing. He then seen the activity and was as dumbfounded as me. He then said it looked to be about 1300 feet (?) up do not know how accurate. while we were watching, the thing got brighter and turned blue and veered to the left pretty rapidly, I stood up then and said it must be done when the thing made a circle and came back past the area. It seemed to be descending as it made its way across the sky. I lost sight of the UFO towards the horizon. The path it took I believe was East. mufon cms# 84865 UFO Sighting report occurred over Penn PA 7/4/17

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