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UFO Sighting reported Oct.5 1973 Witnesses Eyeglasses Examined

Oct. 5, 1973 Southeast Missourian Investigation today centered around a pair of eyeglasses which were worn by Eddie Webb, 45, of Greenville, who claims he saw an unidentified flying object "UFO" and was hit in the face by a ball of fire which blinded him.

In literature on UFO sightings such burn marks as are evident on the glasses' frames are said to have been causes by sound waves of high intensity. "UFO-distorted" glasses examined  Mr. Webb told The Missourian Wednesday that he and his wife were in the tractor's cab heading toward Tanksley when he saw an unusual lighted UFO object.

The large turnip-shaped UFO covered both lanes of the interstate and appeared to have three sections--the top and bottom made of aluminum and spinning while the center section was steady and comprised of glittering red and yellow lights. SEMISSOURIAN.COM credit Glyn Williams

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