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UFO Sighting reported Cortlandt Manor New York

I watched a UFO hovering over the front neighbors house on March 18th 2020, but later on i realize that was a bit further away! it wasn't moving at all and it was in the direction of the Westchester County power plant and close to the west point! This UFO Sighting stood there for over 30 minutes from the time I realize! I wonder if anyone else witnessed? they i heard the noise of helicopters soon after i went to the window to check this UFO Sighting and it was gone! someone in Ossining NY also heard the helicopter noises, posted on Ossining Moms webpage! This region of New York has a total of UFO Sighting reports of 3,773   MUFON #CS 106971

UFO Sighting Domed Sliver Disk reported

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