UFO Sighting Reported Brown Cylinder shaped craft 4-27-17 Gambrills MD

UFO Sighting Brown Cylinder shaped UFO Gambrills MD 4-27-17

UFO Sighting took place between 7:35-7:40 am, on the morning of April 27, 2017, as I was driving north on I-97 approximately halfway between Annapolis and the MD-32/MD-3 exit, I saw a long, reddish-brown, pencil-shaped cylindrical UFO that appeared to have been “launched,” and was ascending slowly into the sky. This UFO appeared to be about five miles straight ahead of me, and approximately 1000 feet in the air and climbing slowly. Beneath it appeared to be a black plume of smoke; within the smoke were flashing lights. 

As I was staring at this UFO, a passing cloud obscured it completely. I was waiting for it to reappear, but when the cloud passed, the UFO had completely vanished.

OBSERVER: I am a 58-year old retired Air Force member, currently working as a federal civil service worker for the U.S. Army at Fort Meade, MD. I was driving to work from Annapolis when I had this UFO Sighting. source nuforc.org

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