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UFO Sighting Reported Brilliant white opaque circle visits our campsite

While enjoying our campfire at Gallia County Fairgrounds, listening to the coyotes in the valley, we both saw a UFO Sighting described as a small, dim, white light appear above the tree line to the south of our campsite. UFO began coming towards us, getting brighter and brighter as it approached. My husband had been shining his Strobing flashlight at various aircraft flying overhead just prior to its arrival. I began to worry that this was a plane or helicopter that was going to attempt a landing in our vicinity. The UFO Sighting cleared the tree line and dipped downward, traveling across the field and straight toward us. UFO Sighting was moving slowly and stopped several times on its approach. It kept getting brighter as it came close, a brilliant white light in the shape of a circle, the white of an LED bulb. It hovered approximately 50 yards maximum from where we were sitting. UFO appeared as a flat, circular, one dimensional, brilliant white light that looked almost like it had been cut from a piece of paper. UFO hovered for about 8 seconds before shooting off to the west at a phenomenal speed. At this point my wife bailed and escaped into the RV. I noticed that all of the animal sounds had quieted. Dead silence ensued. Unsure of its intentions, I reached for my 45 caliber handgun on the picnic bench next to my chair. I was unable to lift the gun as my arm seemed to no longer function. Panic hit me at this point. The UFO quickly shot off to the west, dimmed and was gone. The next morning, I surveyed the area, took some photos. I estimate that its diameter was 20 feet or larger. nuforc.org

UFO Sighting report Gallipolis, Ohio, Saturday, September 21st, 2019

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