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UFO Sighting reported 11-3-18 Fire Island New York

UFO News Today: Our group of 5 people were taking a walk from Davis Park to Watch Hill, a national park in Fire Island, New York. We walked to a boardwalk watch point that overlooks the ocean. 3 of 5 people had walked down the boardwalk away from the watch point while my partner and I stuck around and looked out at the sky. At some point my partner noticed a strange UFO light in the sky. It is important to note that our location is under a flight zone so there are lots of planes and lights all over the sky.

This particular UFO light stuck out though yellowish beam dead center over the ocean in the sky sort of growing in brightness to the scale of a small circle you would make with your pointer tucked into your thumb. The strange thing was that it was sort of still in space. As we kept an eye on it at one moment it diminished to the point of seemingly being gone before reappearing again.We watched it alone for about 10 minutes maybe before our friends walked back and joined us. They had also now seen this said light. I don't believe we pointed it out to them. At the time we were still unclear if it was anything worth chatting about. That said we were all now focused on it.

Around this point, the beam of light was no longer fading away only getting stronger. It remained around the same size, but now it was lighting up the ocean as though it were the moon. We were all mesmerized as to how an airplane in the sky would be so bright as to light up the ocean like the moon.Here is where it gets wild. Suddenly this beam just came at us or to us like the snap of your finger. It was no longer lingering and just came to us. I did not hear any sound of a ship. It was almost like a ship coming that appeared now appeared as a drone like object. It is difficult to describe because I have never seen anything like this. I will try my best.

As this UFO ship came at us a drone seemingly came down, but the drone in my eyes was only visible in the moment the UFO ship was crossing over us, almost like it was in two places at once. For me it appeared as a vertical infinity sign without the bottom loop closed, silvery, shimmery, and almost like a glimmer. It looked like it came down and scanned us or looked at us. I thought it was maybe 15-20 feet away but a friend of mine said 100. To me it seemed extremely close and as it came to us and the ship was passing the aircraft did this magical thing where it turned into something like a shiny silvery stick figure of lights on the ship that lit up as it crossed over us making a walking stick figure light show. It was all very overwhelming. It is hard to say if it controlled our emotion (full elation) or if we were just all in awe of what was happening which is also likely. 5 people who all use a phone regularly didn't even think to pull our phones out. We were completely awestruck at its visiting us. I almost think we scared it away in our excitement.

We all watched as within seconds the UFO Sightingpassed and was now over Long Island. I specifically remember now it was a red light we were following upon crossing us and passing. I also remember as we watched this UFO go away to Long Island it than made a left as if to turn around and then simply stopped and hung still. Now a red beam over Long island that we were all watching.I don't recall what happened to it, if it disappeared or if we started looking for more.You have to understand how overwhelming this UFO Sighting was. We were in shock and maybe not making best decisions (of course now we all wish we took pics). We spent awhile after this searching for maybe another ship because a friend of ours who grew up on Long Island and frequented Fire Island throughout her life had described a similar sighting to another friend with us prior to our witnessing this event. Her UFO sighting was not nearly as close as this one though. So now there we are thinking maybe we can get another one to come.

Also I don't know if its vain to think we lulled it in, but my partner had given everyone a flashlight which we had been shining at the ocean in random order just for fun not thinking anything of it. Also at the beginning when it was just him and I he spotted it and was whispering to me saying it likes me he sensed that it was gonna come to us. He may have even said watch, it likes me as it zeroed in on us. O.k to back track a bit. This half infinity like glimmer, drone, orb, but was nothing like anything I have ever seen with my own eyes. I am doing my best to relay my memory to paper. It is possible it controlled our emotion.That's really it. It was a slow build, and than it happened so fast. It didn't move like an airplane or in any earthly way for that matter. It moved in its own space and time.I am not certain my friends witnessed the part where the ship above seemingly lit up in a stick figure dancing bye light show while passing. I will try and get them to write their experience as well. I hope one or two of them are willing.

Thank you for your time! Watch Hill is closed until next summer. I freaking wish I could be back their right now to keep an eye out.Oh, also we had a dog with us that was super spooked after the event. Its owner said it never acted that way before. The dog tried to stop us from walking home by jumping at sand pulling us back as well as going in front of us as if to say do not walk this way. nuforc.org UFO Sighting occurred on Nov 3rd 2018 over Fire Island ( Watch Hill 0 New York.

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