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UFO Sighting Report Very large Orange/Gold UFO joined by a Black UFO Hicksville New York

I was driving in Hicksville, NY on Broadway route 107 north, to my hair appointment. this shape ahead of me in the sky was just out of place, it's too big to be a balloon, and the shape was to unusual to be a blimp. I got to the red light, I was sitting with the other cars, I kept staring at the UFO, counting off everything that it wasn't when the light turned green, the traffic stayed still, unusual because this is a very busy road, so I looked over to the driver next to me , he too was staring up at this UFO Sighting after some car horns the traffic started moving.

I was getting closer to the hovering UFO, it was sort of waving in and out of the atmosphere, but it was definitely there. next I noticed a smaller black round orb UFO traveling towards the orange UFO coming from the west. (this sounds funny, but something was telling me the orange UFO was waiting for the black orb to catch up) I pulled over, these two UFOs met, the black one went around/over the orange UFO and then the very slowly moved across the sky to the east. at the same time a plane was travelling to the west towards JFK Airport. I was amazed no one else was out looking at this? I got back in my car it was 11:15 am, my phone battery was charging and not yet working.(worst time ever for that phone to be dead, I cursed it) I drove towards where the UFOs were going, which brought me to an industrial part of town, I parked behind a building and got out to watch the two UFOs move slowly it seemed but, they had traveled a great distance to the east.

I was amazed, but had no phone for pictures and had to get to my hair appointment at 11:30, the only way I could catch another glimpse of the pair was if I had a chopper instead of a car. About three minutes later I arrived at the salon, parked and just as my phone came to life, a black helicopter passed to my left side, so low I could see the pilot! the chopper was completely black, no markings whatsoever, and it was coming from the eastern direction where I last saw the UFO Sighting. that was weird too. I know I saw something that was not man made, I believe they were traveling UFOs until I hear different. Hicksville New York UFO Sighting Reported to mufon cms# 83604

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