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UFO Sighting report Sphere UFO w/3 white pulsating lights shape shifting Brookfield IL

Brooksville IL UFO Sighting photo April 2017

I was returning home at around 4:15 am, from getting some coffee. I got out of my car in my driveway, and saw a bright, pulsing, white UFO light, in the sky to the south. I went inside and got my infrared binoculars and filmed it. Couldn't really see what it was until I went frame by frame, while reviewing the video. This UFO shape shifted. It was a triangle, a sphere, a disc, and other shapes. Also, when looking at the video, for a few minutes, I saw another pulsating, white UFO light, further south. Unbelievable. mufon cms# 82940 UFO Sighting report April.1,2017 Brookfield IL,

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