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UFO Sighting Report 7/19/10 A Orb UFO over Oakwood GA

Last night I was walking to my car and noticed a glowing white ORB UFO moving NE to E over the skies of Oakwood GA ... What caught my eye was the fact it was glowing very bright and has no flashing lights like a normal airplane would. I observed it moving slowly from left to right for approx 10 - 15 seconds. Immediately when realizing what I was seeing was obviously a UFO of some kind it simply disintegrated before my eyes. There was absolutely no sounds coming from orb or the woods directly behind the house and every hair on my body stood up for almost a minute as I just kept repeating to myself, "what just happened?". As I walked to the door stunned, I heard two distinct loud knocking sounds coming from the woods ... Not trying to be funny when I say the knocking sounds were almost "alien" and I still have no idea what the sounds were. MUFON CMS# 77797

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