UFO Sighting over Blue Diamond Hills Vegas Video

I shot this video from my backyard in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of July 23, 2019. I always hesitate to publish a video like this because just by the nature of what it looks like skeptics are going to scramble to say it is a drone because skeptics always try to debunk the most easily debunk object. Not so fast skeptics first of all, this UFO Sightings is a minimum of six miles away from where I shot the video. I can barely see a consumer drone when it's a few blocks away and I do not recall ever seeing one more than six miles away. This UFO Sighting is shining a light on the ground which appears to have a reddish hue to it. What's really strange is that the night vision camera cannot detect a beam of light making the light that shows on the ground. In the helicopter scene, you can clearly see it is a helicopter shining a spotlight to the ground but in this video, you can see the beam of light from the helicopter to the ground very clearly no matter where the helicopter is. Towards the end of the video the UFO is slowly moving to the southwest and finally just fades out or disappears. There was never a moment where this UFO Sighting exhibited the behavior of a drone. If anything it looked very similar to the fireball UFO Sighting I filmed in this area back in 2016 that ended up being the most-watched video in my entire collection. Prior to remaking that video with my new branding on it that video had been seen more than 120,000 times. Here is the remake of that video.

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