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UFO Sighting Orb reported over Blackpoll GB June 2 2017

June 12, 2017

UFO Sighting Orb reported over Blackpoll GB June 2 2017

I had traveled to Blackpoll GB. with a friend on the Friday night 2/06/2017, at 22.00 hrs and after booking into the hotel we went for a drink in the hotel bar this was by then 22.30. Another guest was already in the bar I required a cigarette and so went outside to the hotel front facing the sea and beach. I could see that the sky was clear a full moon to my left and I presume Venus shinning slightly lower to the left of the moon.The sky had the usual stars twinkling away and I observed the odd high altitude planes moving slowly going through the sky. I was taken by an exceptionally bright UFO coming over the horizon from the see this UFO shone brilliantly and moved at a pace faster than the planes I had seen. I watched this UFO for a minute or so.The other guest came out for a smoke also. I pointed out the UFO to him and so we both stood watching this thing coming over our heads.The UFO was round shaped then would appear to be oval glowing with this intensity that outshone all the other stars above it and was at least 3/4 times brighter than the moon. We could see planes flying high above this going at a snails pace compared to how fast this UFO moved.It maintained a constant pathway straight forwards.The other guest surmised that it could be the ISS space station traveling through the night time sky but tho this is possible I fell its altitude was far too low for such a flightpath.We both continued to watch this UFO travel inwards until it was no longer visible at this point we re-entered the hotel. UFO Sighting Orb reported over Blackpoll GB June 2 2017 mufon cms# 84341

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