UFO Sighting of three red/orange spheres possible Chinese Lanterns? 9/4/16

While at our Camping Resort at Wood Haven Lakes Sublette IL. we were having conversation over a campfire around 1 am, when we noticed two red lights in the near distance moving in our direction. We thought how wonderful it was that someone had released a couple of Chinese Lanterns. 

These lights came across the tree tops moving very purposefully. I started questioning if these were Chinese Lanterns since they were clearly moving HORIZONTAL across the sky and were NOT rising into the night sky as the Chines Lanterns should be. I also noticed that there was a minor breeze with no visible movements from the tree tops. I would anticipate that if they were Chinese Lanterns, with little wind, they would rise more VERTICALLY than moving HORIZONTAL at a descent speed. 

After the first two disappeared across the tree tops, we noticed a THIRD one approaching... this one however was brighter and moving FASTER!!! As this third one flew past us, about 100-150 feet away from our location, about 75-100 off of the ground, I genuinely discerned a SPHERICAL shape to the UFO with a red/orange glow emanating from the bottom of the sphere. The sphere was clearly translucent since I was able to see background UFOs THROUGH the sphere. This sphere was "catching" up to the first two considering the speed it was traveling at which we thought to be at about 10-15 MPH based on our estimate once we got into the car and attempted to calculate the sphere's speed based on our speedometer. 

All three UFOs moved concertedly in a West by North West direction and disappeared over the tree tops. Never to be seen rising into the sky such as Chinese Lanterns would be expected to. MUFON CMS# 78965

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