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UFO Sighting of Three floating craft 12/10/17 Oklahoma

three UFO Sightings over Oklahoma 7-10-17

UFO Sighting occurred on December 10 2017 over Oklahoma: We were traveling south on a country road and I looked out and noticed a weird looking UFO Sighting in the air so we pulled over. As soon as we stopped and got out my friend then noticed that there were actually 3 UFOs. They appeared to be floating approximately 200 ft or so above us. UFOs seemed only large enough to carry only one individual and there were no blades or other propellers to indicate they were anything other than off world or if from earth they used a technology that we were unfamiliar with. UFO Sighting made zero noise and traveled directly over our heads. They were white and it looked as if there was some kind of skeletal framework surrounding the outside of the UFOs. We gave chase but quickly lost them as they blended into the sky background. My cellphone would not focus on the crafts or I would have had a great photo. I've never heard of single passenger UFO and was curious if there have been any other UFO sightings such as this? mufon cms# 88769

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