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UFO Sighting of several craft all on the same flight path

It was night time in the small town where I was living and I needed to take my dog out before bed. I left my parents house and headed for the Scandinavian Heritage Park. About 10 minutes or less into the walk I saw the first UFO Sighting. It was night time and it was cloudy but I could barely still see the clouds and the dim reflection of the lights in the city. The first UFO Sighting was the biggest and it was Chevron or Boomerang shaped with a Large Round Bulge near the point like a cockpit maybe.

I couldn't believe it but I was excited. And I remember feeling disappointed that no one would be able to witness it with me. UFO Sighting moved from west to east directly over head It made no noise. I was able to observe it for about 30 seconds. It was a Dull Grey color with no lights. It was a bit hard to see in low light but I'm certain of it. I decided to keep my eye in the sky. After a few minutes I saw another one with the exact same trajectory. West to east. But with a different elevation. Again I was able to observe the craft for about 30 seconds. A few more moments past and I saw another. All moving the same direction. I decided to call my buddy and tell him about it.

I continued the walk and eventually returned the dog home. Then I went back out to continue watching, as the craft kept coming, one at a time west to east. Dull Grey Boomerang Noiseless. This is when my friend Sammy joined me. I had walked across the street to the schools soccer field. And he caught up with me there. Up until now I had only seen the UFO Sightings one at a time a few moments apart. At this point they started coming more quickly or with less space between. Not quite like they were in formation but close. They were all traveling west to east. Some were a little more north or south than the others and the elevations were all different. The first was the biggest.

It was maybe 8-10 inches across as observed from the ground. The others were smaller. Varying sizes/ elevations. We did what we could to capture pictures but our smart phones just couldn't pick them up in low light conditions. I could see more than their shape. I could see the dull grey skin. I could see that these were actual physical craft. I was able to observe each one for about 30 seconds. the entire encounter lasted between 30 and 45 minutes. I was able to observe approximately 2 dozen crafts. I lost count when they started showing up together. 3-4 in the sky all at once. Coming in intervals every couple minutes. mufon cms# 11847 Minot North Dakota 11/01/20 This Region has had 196 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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